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Tacos!! We love tacos, you love tacos, everyone loves tacos.
$7 each (*Min 2 tacos per person)

Choose your protein


– BBQ pork belly

– Mexican pulled pork

– Black bean and sweet corn

– Smoky spiced brisket

– Crispy Mexican style fish


ASADO taco bars are served with all the trimmings… Guacamole, tomato & jalapeno salsa, chopped coriander, Mexican chilli sauce, jalapeño, green onions and Mexi-style slaw


Made to enjoy and get messy! Yes we bring lots of napkins….


Southern style slider bar –

Served on local organic slider buns, designed to get in & around your mouth. $9 each

Choose from


- Creole buttermilk chicken, “ASADO spicy style” jalapeno mango salsa, lettuce & tomato

- Jamaican jerk pork, Reggae sauce, pineapple slaw

- Louisiana brisket beef, bourbon BBQ sauce, house slaw

- Southern style deep fried Okra, Corn queso sauce, jalapeño slaw

- BBQ Jackfruit, black bean, bourbon sauce, and house slaw


ASADO means BBQ. It's at the heart of what we do. Brazilian, Argentinean, South African or Australian Wherever our creed, we all love a good ASADO

Fr. 18 per head

Out BBQ menus are flexible, its something we like to discuss and personalise with you.


Take a look at some below examples – Then enquire with our team.



- Field mushrooms, chopped herbs, pepper and garlic

- Spice Rubbed zucchini with green raisins and wheat

- Smokey grilled eggplant, red wine vinegar, mint, dates, red onion

- Grilled Halloumi, Mint, lemon, pepita




- Whole or 1/2 chicken with chermoula paste

- Harrissa smoked lamb shoulders

- Local Black Angus beef, Argentinean rub

- Traditional Italian Porchetta




- Whole Pig on a Spit

- Whole Grilled Portuguese Fish


All BBQs are served with a range of our signature sauces, plenty of napkins and we can discuss side salads and things to accompany the goods.


Simple math – We build a fire, we cook a load of meat to perfection, your mouths water while we do it, you eat and have a good old time with your mates. Proven success.

Cant see what you're after?

Asset 8.png

Classic Korean Bao

Bao to the masters.

$9 each

Choose from:

– BBQ pork belly

– Korean XO BBQ chicken

– Korean BBQ eggplant


All Bao is served with:

XO Korean BBQ sauce

Kim Chi slaw


Siracha sauce

Cucumbers & green onions

Good vibes and straw hats


Authentic Spanish paella cooked in front of your guests. Served with a smile, consumed with gusto! $28 p/person

Choose from

– Chicken, chorizo & peppers

– Local seafood and peppers

– Vegetarian


All paella is served with Aioli, Lemons, Fresh chilli, Smoked paprika , Parsley, Good vibes and loads of aromas. (we guarantee peeps will be stood around watching, happens every time)

30 pax minimum (we use a mammoth pan, it’s a real show stopper)


Oodles of noodles

(Great for cruising around and having a mingle with your guests)

$18 per person / 50 pax minimum

Choose a base


- BBQ pork belly

- Free range chicken

- Korean BBQ eggplant

- Black bean charred beef

- Teriyaki tofu


Choose a sauce (Choose 2 sauces)


- Pad Thai (peanut + chilli)

- Green Thai curry

- ASADO spicy ginger & sesame soy

- Basil ginger and blackbean


Choose a noodle (*** 1 Choice of noodle)


- Soba

- Udon

- Rice Noodle

- Singapore style


All noodles tossed with seasonal vegetables, sprouts, herbs and other chopped things, served with a range of our signature sauces


Did someone say dumplings ?!!…

BIG taste, BITE size. Genius in the form of Chinese street food. Cooked in huge bamboo steamer baskets with chefs on show. Guests love it, photographers love it, you’ll love it.

4.5 each

Choose from

– Pork and prawn dumpling

– Prawn and spring onion har gau

– Pork siu mai

– Chicken siu mai

– Mushroom and vegetable wonton

– Pork wonton

– Dim Sim


Best to not overthink dumplings. Serve them simply with chilli sauce and soy.

Nothing added here except chopsticks, forks and napkins (we bring forks, but we don’t judge you for going straight in with your fingers - we quietly encourage it)


Have no fear.


We can accommodate most needs. Menus can be tailored to suit where possible.

Contact us to chat about it >>>

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